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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Visit to Ikea - Pure Inspiration!

Colorful display near entrance to Ikea - love this lively combination!
I take a trip to our Atlanta-area Ikea store whenever my upholsterers tell me I need more feather pillow inserts for my furniture - I usually add one or two to each piece refurbished and the Ikea pillows (20X20 and lumbar) at $6.99 each are the BEST deal anywhere. They are well-made (no feather loss) and a nice 95/5 feather and down combination - easily sold for $15-20 elsewhere. I buy twenty at a time which is about what fits into one of their carts.

I thought this was  serene setting.
I had a little extra time recently so I took the longer path to my pillow location visiting other display areas. I am continuously impressed (amazed) with their design and retail savvy. Their displays are colorful and informative. The pieces are well labeled and it is easy to get price and other details. The prices are VERY reasonable and there were even items "on sale" - such as a really nice standing floor mirror at $79 (formerly $129). I wished I needed it.

One of the things that Ikea displays well is how to maximize the use of smaller spaces. The store  have a series of displays for different square footage areas demonstrating how to use well-sized and sometimes multiple purpose pieces to achieve a well balanced room. I recently posted recommendations for decorating small spaces link to posting and the retailer clearly understands the principles involved such as emphasizing the vertical, using colors wisely, and choosing furniture with narrow arms.

Another colorful setting that would work in smaller space.

Too bad the view here can't be included in the purchase!
Love this light fixture - looks very high end and unique. 
Ikea's kitchen design business seems to be growing. I know of people who worked with Ikea products and design assistance and were VERY happy with the outcome. I see Ikea kitchens in show houses (2012 Southern Living House in Senoia, Georgia) and magazines. 
Small space designs are well placed throughout the store.
 I am looking for a reasonable rug(s) and seriously considering sisal/seagrass or a similar look. 
Checking out - I bought my 20 pillow inserts and, for the first time at Ikea, purchased a bolt (27 yards) of their cotton fabric - heavy and good color saturation. I plan to use on a tall settee and matching chair - should be wonderful done horizontally!
Well, this was a fun visit and I continue to appreciate the well-priced pieces available to frugal shoppers. I would not, however, recommend their upholstered pieces other than for very short-term use (e.g. temporary apartment, seldom used vacation home, college dorm). They are not that well made and definitely not worth redoing which is my standard for fine upholstered pieces. They do provide a low cost alternative to home furnishings when it makes sense.

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